Having co-founded the Windber Research Institute, now the Chan Soon-Shiong Institute of Molecular Medicine Windber, Nick Jacobs and Col Craig Shriver, MD, established a genomic research institute that contracts with the Department of Defense in Genomic analytics and Informatics and has a comprehensive bio-repository.  This bio-repository was rated as the only platinum quality tissue bank in the United States and contains well over 100,000 samples of donated breast tissue with over 500 fields of demographic information on each donor.

Mr. Jacobs then went on to found the Clinical and Translational Genome Research Institute located in the Fort Meyers/Naples area of Florida.  Under the direction of Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Dan Handley, CTGRI specializes in pharmacogenomics research, the study of the approximately 300 genes that determine how we individually metabolize medicines.

Because of this nearly 20 year journey in deep science, Mr Jacobs brings a myriad of ideas regarding precision medicine and how this scientific impact on treatment and care in medicine can be significantly enhanced with very specialized integrative approaches to wellness and prevention that can produce a precision medicine program unique to each client’s location.