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Greg St.Clair

Greg St.Clair is the Founder and Managing Principal for SunStone Management Resources. He has over 29 years of leadership experience, assisting healthcare providers with reimbursement and regulatory solutions.



Nick Jacobs

Nick Jacobs specializes in “the future.” He is a highly-recognized expert in the field of integrative medicine and the transition of new science into translational medicine. He has spent the past decade and a half preparing for the amelioration of the upcoming economic and medical challenges that healthcare is currently facing.

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Jan Jennings

Jan Jennings has a long and storied career in healthcare administration and is a nationally respected figure. During the Vietnam War he served the United States Air Force Medical Service Corps and has held President and CEO roles in many healthcare organizations throughout the United States.

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Vonda Moon

Vonda has over 28 years of experience assisting healthcare providers with revenue integrity, contracting, reimbursement and regulatory solutions. Vonda has received national recognition for her efforts which reduce cost and increase charge capture over the long term.